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Official maker and host Mike Rowe presents a magnificently engaging, truly intriguing gathering of his preferred scenes from America’s #1 short-structure web recording, The Way I Heard It, alongside a large group of individual recollections, ruminations, and experiences. It’s a charming must-peruse.

The Way I Heard It presents thirty-five riddles “for the inquisitive personality with a limited capacity to focus.” Every one is a trueish story about somebody you know, loaded up with certainties that you don’t. Motion picture stars, presidents, grisly do-gooders, and reprobates—they’re all here, holding back to shake your hand, trusting you’ll recall them. Conveyed with Mike’s mark mix of appeal, mind, and resourcefulness, their accounts are a piece of a bigger mosaic—a journal loaded with astounding disclosures, sharp perceptions, and personal, in the background minutes drawn from Mike’s very own exceptional life and vocation.

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